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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

below an hour brownies

Hi there :D

Happy Ramadhan all, hows urs? me? hurm as usual and no ponteng so far :P
well hopefully there will be no Ponteng Puasa during ramadhan as i find it is too hard to ganti puasa back after that.


so i bake this delicious Walnut Brownies Friday before the weeks of Ramadhan came. the Afternoon section teacher had held a pot luck and Mr Azam had ordered Nasi Ayam Gemas Mustaffah for all of us. its delicious i tell u. and it is now available at Sg Putat, just the opposite of Tun Mutahir school :D

this is kind of super last minute thing. Friday means I should be at school at 2pm and i popped this into my oven 1.15pm and phew... it is a huge success :D. i took too much time thinking what should i bring for the potluck, and wallah... skejap jerk dh abes >_<

so here goes the recipe. in BM, as requested by my readers in FB

Walnut and Choc Chip Brownies

bhn A
350 dark choc compound | saya guna Beryls dark chocolate compound
100gm butter
(cairkan guna double boil)

*150gm tepung
*1tsp baking pwd
1/4 serbuk almond

3 eggs
50gm brown sugar
1tsp vanilla essence

100gm Walnuts (chopped)
choc chip (dust dgn tepung)


pukul C smp kembang,masukkan A gaul sebati.masukkan B.gaul lagi.masukkan separuh kacang D. dan separuh kacang D taburkan bersama choc chip. bakar 160° 30min.

See? Easy Peesy right?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


As im taking a shower and it suddenly came into my mind...

this year is a 5th year Anniversary. in August.
i could recall hi's n low's moment in my marriage. the good and the bad
i still try to learn my 'mr H' even it's already 5 years we've been married.
and in 5 years, we are having a beautiful daughter and now i'm expecting another :)

HAHA. KLMJ sekejap. :P


by the way I went to BBW which held in Malacca last week and could only grab few books for my little one and some cookery books for me. i planned for a second trip to the fair but couldnt make it as the BBW was held for only 5days in MITC Malacca. all the books are really cheap that i regret i didnt grab any. (T_T)

anyhoo, i am also busy with school matter as i was assigned to 'menceriakan' tandas sekolah as JPN will came and evaluate our toilets. :-S got the job in a very last minute just a few weeks before the deadline. (T_T) but Alhamdulillah everythng went well and thanks to our team :D

i have stopped baking for a while. well, at the moment i dont feel like baking anything. hence no update in here about recipes @_@. i couldnt see any pictures of cakes or im going to throw up

Now im in week 10. still having a morning sickness but it never stops me from eating. hence made me a size of an elephant seal (T_T). This time i am not fit and energetic as i was in first pregnancy. i am being lazy even to cook. i always having a cramp and back pain. i guess i am lacking of the calcium because i am still breastfeed my girl. i have a little craving and mostly on Japanese Cuisine.

keep on activate and deactivated my FB account. since the PRU fever, FB always gave a headache :P

so that's my simple updates for now. will be back soon >_< next week is School Holidays yeay~!!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mommyhood Updates

Hi everyone...

:D how are you? sorry for the lack of update though i love to do so. all updates always end up unpublish. what to do. i lost my mojo (lost lah sgt. ckp je mls bole?). i have no updates like forever, no? haha...

Okay, now i am stop baking for a while, probably because i have a very little time, and need more rest. I am teaching for an afternoon session which requires me to come home late, and be at school around 11. Plus i never wanted to deal with those who always wanted a cake yg hebat2 and mahu cheapest price.... tak larat. dan tak berbaloi. kehkeh.

anyhoo, i doin well coping with my job... and i started to love my students. i never been go hard on them, but not too soft as they would step onto me. hehehe.

apart of a busy life, i need to share something with all of you. i guess it is a time to let the cat out of the bag. well, this is the reason of why i been so lazy and unwell lately. having a bad back ache, vomiting, and lazyyyy.. haha. can u guess it already? yeah... i am now 2months delayed with my period. and Ariana will be a Kakak soon. I feel grateful for the coming baby. I always  pray to Allah to always be showered with HIS protection.Thank you Allah...

I was in week 5 during this :P
so i am not having a bad morning sickness. well i had it but it's not as worse as my first pregnancy. it is just my body feels like bloating. gomok. gaseous. anddddd heavy. yeah. my baju kurung are all sempit already. especially the sarong. (T_T). i never went for a routine check up yet...

weight, i thought its around 56kg. gosh. last i check my weight is 53kgs and that was on last year. having a back ache and i guess it is because my bones have lost their strength. because my daughter still cant wean off.and i was too lazy to take those calcium pills. energy level, so so. i am lazy and not so energetic as always... cravings, hurm. nothing much... health, okay. emos, not really.. :P

ok thats preety much of ramblings. gotta go and i guess i gonna see u soon :P

p/s: Malacca is now having BBW ! excited!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

life as a teacher

here goes the silence again in here. ahaha. sorry guys. i barely have a time to update. too lazy to boot up my lappy. too lazy of everything. yeah, i'm a lazy-bump lately. i even stop taking any orders for cakes and desserts which i loved to do before. and make ka-ching ka-ching with it. eheh...

Well you know, now i work as a teacher. pretty tough tho. especially when u're asked to teach something out of your option. so-fahking-tough... but i wont let my students underrated me. ahahaha...

so here i go. last 5years i always dreaming and wishing i could use a #crewlife hashtag on my twitter and now the dream has blown off. wahahah!!! such a great dreamer i am. so being a teacher wasnt that bad actually. i had fun and try to be as good as i can.

i wont tell you what subject i was assign to teach. hihi. perhaps i'll tell u in the next-next-next post? can ah? :P

Yeah. i was excited when i received an SMS telling me that my first-freakin-salary has credited into my account. wuuhaaa~ well who dont? ekekek. so the first thing i do with my salary is top up credit henpon mak ayah. cool huh? :P

yeah, life's pretty good and goes well. Ariana being such a good girl. she even called me when im at school and singing ABC, and also happy birthday though it wasnt my bday yet. she also tell me she wants  'su lagi'. which means "mama, i dont want to wean-off yet. still nak susu" ahaha. cute~ well, no parent's said their child didnt :P

so. signing off guys. :D dah sampai waktu balek skolah ni. ahah. sempat! 


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Blissful life, no?

selagi hsbd selalu ajak aku lepak mamak tgh2 malam selagi tu la aku xdpt lose weight. selagi kita x oder jap lg dia asik tanya aku smp 10x "betul ke xnk ape2?"


dlu dia salu komplen bila lg aku nk kurus. skrg dia kata aku perli dia dh demok bila aku xnk mkn sbb nak diet. pulaks?

Dah tu kol 9 ajak aku kuar tup2 dh terpacak kt kdai asam pedas.. padahal petang tu dh makan jugak. mcm kelmarin dia dh ckp xyah masak, i dh kenyang. tp mlm tu lepak mamak jugak. Akakaka.

xpela. nti kita g gym salu2. akaka. alangkah sonok kalo rumah aku ada gym. sblom tido sejam kardio atas threadmil.


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lactation Cookies

Holla Amigos!

its been a while my very own blog have been neglected. yeah, i've been busy. I am sorry guys.

so the school holiday was over. and here i am again. Have such a great school Holiday with Family .we went to Legoland at JHB. 

the Review:
1) If you're planning to go to the Legoland, please bring along your umbrella. One for each person. Seriously i am sun-burned.... and my baby too. i bought a small umbrella for her and i am RM30 broke.
2) Tapau Food. You dont want to know how much i've spent for food and drinks during the trip in the Legoland. But at least u dont mind to spend RM20 only for two sausages, fries and softdrinks. or RM22 for a plate of nasi ayam.
3) do NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS. hahaha


We're staying at Le Grandeur Palm Resort. Because hubby had a Golf on that day so we pick the Play and Stay packages provided by the resort. It was such a nice hotel and of course my little girl loved it because of its swimming pool :P. mengada2 nak main air kat kolam orang dewasa. haishh

alright, enough rumbling about the trip...

so i baked the lactation cookies the night before i went to JB. My friend asked me to give it a try and it turns out lovely, and yummy too. ;)

This recipe was taken from My Friend's FB. sorry i couldnt recalled the name but i would like to thanked Kak Cham Ali to introduce me to the recipe and trust me to try bake it. FYI my first 3 tray were disaster. it sticks onto my greaseproof paper like hell. and everytime i try to remove it from the paper... it breaks. so i change it into a silicon paper. and, modified the recipe.

so i try to modify the recipe a bit and after that, every trays had been a success. there are few tips on baking these lovely cookies

1. Make the dough 1 day before u bake it. there's a reason why we have to 'perap' all the ingredients. sama mcm rendam bijirin. or u can soak your rolled oats overnight and drain it before use.
2. use a silicon paper to line your baking sheet.

so here's the recipe...




2 tbsp Flaxseed meal (soak in 2 tbsp water for 5minutes)
125 gm butter - pure butter works best | unsalted - but i used salted SCS butter
400 gm brown sugar | i only used 3.50gms because i added more choc chips
1 tsp soda bicarbonate*
2 tbsp of nutritional yeast
2 eggs
250 gms of rolled oats (i substitude with 200gms of multigrain which contains a Sunflower seeds, Millet, wheat grain, rolled oats, black sesame seeds) whew!
100gms choc chips (or more :P)
1/4 cup dried cranberries
200 gms wholewheat meal flour (i added 30-50gms more)*
1tbsp vanilla essence

*sift together
pre heat ur oven 160'c

1) cream butter and brown sugar. add eggs one each time. there goes with Vanilla and Flaxseed meal.
2) Fold in the flour+soda, multigrain/rolled oats, chocolate chips and chopped cranberries
3) you may fold the mixture 10x more than other cookies. set aside at room temp for 10minutes and then place it into ur fridge overnight.
4) Spoon the mixture onto your baking sheet and bake for 18-20 minutes , 160'c. :D

Nutritional Yeast. you can totally replace your cheese in ur pizza with this as a vegan food :P

a testimonials :D

Friday, 15 March 2013


It's shocking when u are asked to do something that u unable and CANT do...

for me, i decided to give it a try
and if i still cant
so i really cant


Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Last two weeks on 27th March ive been called for an interim teacher post in the school where i did my practicum. i was shocked and blurry because my name just came up for Job interview from SPP at Putrajaya on 6th March. all in the same time. confusing for which and what i should do, where to start whatsoever.

First thing first, i went to JPN for some briefing. and we are told to report duties on first March which i didnt. I've decided to went after my interview with SPP settled. 

Interview have went well (well, at least well for me. for iv-er... i am not pretty sure). im having a panic attack for almost everyday since my name hve been shortlisted for the interview. i even cannot sleep and eat for several times. 

It was a huge crowd at SPP. and i have to wait for 4 hours for my turn to be interviewed. 

i am lucky that my IV group was very active and responsive.and the interviewer said "Saya suka group ini ya. aktif dan responsive. tak ada lah saya mengantuk. jadi kumpulan ini interview habis cepat."

previous 4 group had been interviewed for 1 hour. and our group finished our session for just 30minutes! is that a good thing? :-S

so here's the thing... mula-mula masuk tu ketuk pintu dan beri salam. kalau kenal penemuduga lagi bagus. beri salam Assalamualaikum datuk, datin, cikgu, Tuan, Puan.. dan duduk bila di suruh. perkara pertama yang saya lihat dia memerhatikan wajah kami semua dan pakaian. termasuk lah kasut. mula-mula masuk bilik temuduga 9 tu mmg cuak dan tegang betul. tgn saya even menggeletar dan selawat saja dalam hati banyak-banyak.

1. mulanya kami di suruh memperkenal diri dan apakah pekerjaan yang dilakukan sementara menanti posting. tempat asal pun dia tanya.
2. dia tanya pasal program transformasi negara. she didnt mention program. cuma dia tanya, apakah aspek yang perlu bagi menjadikan negara kita maju dan membangun?
3. Krisis lahad Datu. sapakah menteri yang berasal dari Sabah yg kamu tahu? (kabinet) aku bengong g jawab Bung Mokhtar. erk. but she said its ok at least kamu peka dan ada knowledge
4. beralih kepada guru Cemerlang Geografi Pn. Hamidah. Pertama sekali di tanya tentang krisis lahad Datu berlaku di Felda mana
5. kemudian diberi satu helai kertas proposal untuk mengadakan program luar sekolah membawa pelajar. kami di minta menyenaraikan contoh objektif program yang sangat meyakinkan. Contoh Program ialah Biodiversiti
6. seterusnya kami di tanya bagaimana menulis refleksi PnP.
7. Apakah yg anda tahu tentang landskap utama Lumut?
8. Fenomena yang bakal berlaku pada 21 March. aku g jwb perubahan musim solstis. :-O

gitula sinopsis interview aku. haih. balik2 je aku sakit kepala 3 hari straight

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Breastfeeding Pt2

Ramai yg tanya apa persediaan untuk menjadi BF-mom.
well i dont have a specific answer... tapi bagi ibu yang beginners dan mencari apa yg perlu tahu utk BF, bole cuba baca post ini :)

first thing yg kita perlu lakukan ialah persediaan mental dan psikologi. sebab BF-Mom ini bukan suatu tugas mudah lebih-lebih lagi sebagai seorang wanita bekerjaya. Sebab kena konsisten. kena betul2 tekad dan usaha. kena tanam dalam fikiran aku byk susu dan cukup serta mampu susukan anak aku. unless mmg awal2 dah nak kasi Formula Milk. then go on... 

tp, cuba lah beri ASI selama yg boleh. you cant imagine how much benefit ASI kepada anak kita... 

Persediaan berikutnya ialah ilmu pengetahuan berkenaan Penyusuan SI ni. Lebih2 lagi ibu yg ingin menyusukan anak susuan sekali. memang banyak perlu dipelajari, baik ilmu penyusuan secara fizikal atau dari sudut keagamaan. contohnya dari petikan Hadith,

"indeed, Allah has prohibited (marriage) among suckling relatives, as He has prohibited it among birth (or blood) relatives)"

di dalam juga Islam turut menggalakkan penyusuan susu Ibu.

firman Allah S.w.t:

Para ibu hendaklah menyusukan anak-anaknya selama dua tahun penuh, iaitu bagi yang ingin menyempurnakan penyusuan.
(Al-Baqarah 2:233)

Rasulullah s.a.w juga menegaskan perihal had umur bayi yang disabitkan hukum penyusuan iaitu selama dua tahun sebagaimana hadis baginda yang diriwayatkan oleh al-Tirmizi:

Tidak akan menjadi mahram dari susuan kecuali susuan yang boleh membuka usus (membesarkan pertumbuhan anak) dan penyusuan itu hendaklah sebelum sampai dua tahun.

jgn hentam kromo saja. ilmu penyusuan penting kerana ilmu penjagaan/pengendalian susu perahan yg betul mampu mengekalkan dan membekalkan khasiat di dalam susu itu kepada anak.

Persediaan berikutnya, peralatan-peralatan utk menyimpan stok susu anda bagi ibu-ibu yang bekerja atau PJJ dengan anak. antara persediaan peralatan tersebut ialah:

1) Pam susu - pilihlah mengikut kesesuaian. tidak kira yg elektrik atau manual. Marmet (perah menggunakan tangan) juga salah satu cara memerah susu.
2) storage bottle/ bag - hal ini penting. pilihlah cara penstoran yg sesuai terutama bagi menyelesaikan masalah ruangan. Cara penyimpanan paling efficient adalah menggunakan storage bag, sgt menjimatkan ruang
3) peralatan lain seperti Cooler bag, Ice pack, peti ais, ice box, semua ini adalah bertujuan untuk memindahkan susu perahan dari tempat kerja ke rumah. penting.
4) Milk booster - not necessarily... tp kalau rasa nak jugak, buleh la.
5) lain-lain keperluan aksesori tambahan untuk penyusuan. contoh mcm milk collector.

Persediaan lain, ialah ketahuilah apa sahaja istilah penting dalam dunia penyusuan seperti let down reflex (LDR), Sore nipple, Blocked Duct, rustic pipe syndrome, dan bermacam-macam lagi ;)

ni masa aku kat Kolej. haha. segar dari ladang

Rujukan :  
Ayu Asma Yusuf (2002). Penyusuan Susu Ibu Menurut Perspektif Islam. Kuala Lumpur: Utusan Publications & Distributors.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Quickie update

Been Busy...

being a mom, turn into a saviour or a villain at the same time, and sometimes the villain just being a laughing stock for her daughter

went crazy at bakery supply shop, but no money to buy everythng . >_<

browsing for recipe crazily but tried NONE

accidentally hit the gate and do some damage with the newly painted car. pfft!

tease, cry and laugh with sisters

pigging out like crazy at KL for one week and gained Kilograms. then cried like its not my fault.

Read a lot on other stuff regarding parenting and baking.

Waiting for few Drama Series at TV, Walking dead, revenge, Glee, once upon a time. hell

busy to think what to plant. had plant 4, but only two survived. LOL.

busy being a flirt with mr Boyfie. KBAI~

I'm Terrible and a Butter Cake

Hi dolls! Assalamualaikum...

wuhaa, it's been a while my blog filled with silence and sawang-sawang. well, been busy all these while. busy with Butter Shortbread orders, cakes and just family matters, spent a week in KL and just busy being mom.. ahaa... 

i just realize that i rarely took picture of what i had baked for Mr. Boyfie and Baby Ariana. why? dunno.. ahaha. just me being lazy. sorry folks... and i managed to took a photo of Leopard Butter Cake which is a buttercake that i modified with some imagination. KONON! ahaks

I came across my good friend's blog just now, dah lama sgt tak visit blog beliau. skrg aku jrg dah BW kat blog kekawan. ada BW pn just to search for the recipes and you know, i just went on reading some other stuffs, most of it regarding to parenting. as a mom, i've been worried about my daughter's development... their milestones, their activities, diet, and many more...

back to my friend's story, i just knew that she's pregnant! i feel so bad about it...i never wanted to asked whether she's expecting or not. i just waited for the news frm her and waited for her to tell me without asked. ahaha.

*cricket sound*

btw, congratulations N & S...


The Recipes.. hehe, pasti korang tak caya, dari 5 ingredients dpt hasilkan cake yg sedap. Well aerated, fluffy and soft.


Source: Mamafami
Modified by: Me.

5 eggs - i used medium size egg
180 caster sugar - reduced to 150gms
200g self raising flour - sifted - i used unbleached low gluten organic flour + 3/4 tbsp organic alum free Baking Powder, sift together.
250g butter - soften - i used SCS butter. yummy
1/2 teaspoon orange oil - i changed to Vanilla Essence, can also change to Lemon Oil.
chocolate rice - i discard this. just plain
1/2 tbsp cocoa powder - i added
Method :
*preheat your oven 180 degree celcius, lined your baking tray with baking paper and grease with butter or  shortening. i used spring form. just clipped the baking paper between your spring form baking tin and lightly greased with butter. just like the way i used to make chilled cheesecake.

1. Beat Butter and Sugar until soft , white and fluffy
2. Add eggs one at time, after all eggs in, beat with high speed.
3. Turn your mixer to lower speed and add the flour slowly until finished. then add the Vanilla, beat again with high speed.
4. Pour the bater into baking tin, and bake for 40-50 minutes, 170 degree celcius.

senang tak? haha. InsyaAllah coming recipes i will show you the way to make the leopard patterned cake.

Selamat Mencuba!


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lunch Quickies

Hi suma! its been a while tak jenguk blog. LOL. haritu dah tulis sikit entry santai skali aku terdelete. malas la pulak nak tulis balik.

By the way entry kali ni ringkas. Entry resepi lunch yang serba ringkas dan nak cepat. Masa tu Hubby dah nak g kerja so kena masak express la gamaknya. kehkeh... nothing much, just Siakap sweet and sour dan Kailan ikan masin jer.

ikut arah jam: Siakap, Kailan ikan masin dan Buah Belimbing

so, lets!


by: Yours Truly (definitely versi campak-campak)

1 ekor ikan siakap | perap dengan sedikit garam, serbuk kunyit dan sos ikan. goreng garing dan ketepikan
1 biji tomato | belah 4
1 btg Saderi | Hiris
3 keping nenas dlm tin | potong kiub - aku gunakan lebihan dari carrot cakes haritu
1/2 btg carrot | dadu
1/4 biji capsicum Merah | hiris pjg
1 btg Serai | titik
3 ulas bawang merah | tumbuk
4 ulas bawang putih | tumbuk
1 inci halia | tumbuk bersama bawang
1 sd besar tepung jagung | larutkan bersama sedikit air
2 sd besar sos tiram
3 sd besar sos tomato
1 sd besar sos cili/ cili boh
1/2 sd besar gula
sedikit bunga kobis
sedikit perahan lemon/ oren | aku guna air asam jawa jer ehek
sedikit minyak bijan
garam dan lada hitam secukup rasa
sedikit minyak untuk menumis

1. Panaskan minyak bersama sedikit minyak bijan dan tumis bahan yg ditumbuk n di titik. tumis hingga wangi. masukkan sedikit ciliboh (Aku guna dlm 1 sdteh je sbb Mr. H tak suka pedas). masukkan segala jenis sos dan air asam jawa.
2. Masukkan sayur-sayuran. biarkan sekejap. rasa kuah. masukkan garam, gula n lada hitam jika perlu.
4. tutup api dan sira atas Ikan Siakap tadi ;). hiaskan dengan hirisan daun bawang. (aku tak letak pun)


Sayur Kailan secukupnya
Sekeping ikan tenggiri in oil | pecah-pecahkan sedikit guna lesung
1 sdbesar sos tiram
2 biji cili padi hijau thai | pecahkan
2 ulas bawang putih | pecah-pecahkan
1/2 biji bawang bombay | hiris
sedikit air
hirisan lada merah
sedikit gula

1. panaskan sedikit minyak dan tumis bawang putih, cili padi dan bawang bombay hingga wangi. masukkan ikan masin tenggiri in oil dan tumis sekejap.
2. masukkan sos tiram dan gula. hirisan cili dan air.
3. apabila mendidih. masukkan sayur kailan. gaul hingga masak.
4. tutup api dan sedia dihidang!

selamat mencuba!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Breastfeeding Pt 1

Hi everyone... hari ni kita takkan membincangkan perihal kalori (makan dan resepi). Tetapi saya akan berkongsi perihal 'breastfeeding' yang kian menjadi trend bagi ibu-ibu di Malaysia. yes, saya berani katakan BF ni dah jadi trend seantero Malaysia. kenapa? kerana kesedaran para ibu peri penting menyusukan anak menggunakan susu ibu yang fresh dan free lagi direct rezeki Allah bagi. Bukan itu saja, kebaikan susu ibu itu sendiri sebenarnya tak ada tandingan. tak caya? tengok ni...

Click untuk tumbesaran

Bukan nak merendah susu formula, jauh lagi ibu yang sudah berusaha memberi susu ibu namun rezeki tidak mengizinkan, tetapi betapa saya menghargai susu ibu dan berusaha memilihnya untuk anak saya selagi terdaya. Jadi post ini saya dedikasikan buat ibu-ibu dan bakal ibu yang berazam mahu menyusukan anak mereka sehingga lengkap dua tahun.

Alhamdulillah, perjalanan minima 2 tahun BF berjalan dengan jayanya. Tipu la kalau tak terharu kan. Apatah lagi saya pada ketika itu hectic dengan kehidupan sebagai undergraduate student di IPTA. dan kebetulan tahun akhir pengajian pula sibuk dengan latihan ilmiah (thesis). Saya juga berjauhan dengan anak pada setengah tahun yang pertama dan still, anak saya menyusu penuh Susu ibu hasil perahan. 

saya akan ceritakan sedikit tentang pengalaman menyusukan anak dari jauh. ini bukan kuasa psikik. tipu itu semua... 

produk susu ibu. ehek >_<

10 Dis 2010 , saya melahirkan seorang bayi perempuan yang kami namakan Ariana Surfina, bermaksud 'Full of life' dan 'Suci'. semasa mengandung saya cuba mencari dan mentelaah perihal breastfeeding seperti mengepam, penstoran susu, penjagaan susu dan penyediaan yang betul, pemilihan pam dan produk-produk yang perlu. Apa itu LDR, apa itu Marmet, apa itu Power Pumping dan method penyusuan selain direct feed, dan through bottle. Study ini saya lakukan sebagai persediaan setelah saya bersalin dan pada masa yang sama, masih lagi seorang mahasiswi. so kalo buat assignments tu, satu tab bukak info geografi, satu lg tab bukak info breastfeeding. gituwww... setelah 30 hari melahirkan anak, saya terpaksa meninggalkan nya di Melaka dan pulang ke kampus di Perak dengan hati yang lara. yela, sedih tau meninggalkan anak yg baru berusia sebulan.

Menjadi BF mom yang PJJ dengan anak bukan suatu tugas yang mudah, lebih2 lagi sbg seorang pelajar yang hectic. bergelumang buku, journal, laptop dan juga thesis2 kajian lepas. tak lupa pam susu dan juga cooler bag di sandang sekali bawak masuk library. Atas ihsan Mak Guard kat pintu masuk lebri saya bwk masuk cooler bag ke dalam library. 

setiap minggu saya akan travel pulang ke Melaka iaitu setiap khamis lepas class saya akan terus balik dari dewan kuliah ke terminal Bas utk ke KL dan sterusnya ke Melaka. mana yang cepat masa tu. sambil menggalas beg penuh stock susu dan jugak laptop dlm beg satu lg. Saya perlu disiplin diri pada ketika itu dengan mematuhi jadual pengepaman susu. mujur di Terminal Bersepadu Selatan menyediakan BF room yg sangat tenang n menyenangkan. jadi saya akan mengepam ikut jadual tak kira masa tu dalam train, or dalam bas dan jika bernasib baik ada bilik BF, mengepam di situ. jadi nursing cover, or pashmina sentiasa ada di dalam bag untuk waktu2 kecemasan.penstoran susu juga penting agar susu ketika sampai dalam keadaan selamat dan memerlukan usaha serta tawakal.

Pernah juga alami peristiwa production susu merudum, sore nipple, anak tak mahu botol, anak tak boleh latch dengan betul, susu tak di handle dengan betul. production terlalu banyak sampai petiais rumah sewa penuh n terpaksa tumpang peti ais rumah kawan. dan mcm2 lagi.

begitulah kehidupan pada tahun pertama. bermacam ragam dan gaya.

pada post akan datang saya akan kongsikan lg perihal breastfeed untuk anda ;) InsyaALLAH harapan agar dpt menjadi motivasi buat anda semua. Amin...

Monday, 14 January 2013

Chicken Pot Pie


Dah lama tak update blog... yang previous pun BARU nak publish. horrible aku ni. dh tulis2 tapi tak publish. kau ade? takde kan?

OK berbalik cerita Pot Pie Ayam aku, mostly adalah homemade kecuali, errr... puff pastry nya aku cheat sket. ala, mahap la, bkn selalu hehek. Al-kisah nya lepas aku kesakaian kat Mydin terjumpa readymade Puff pastry jenama Kawan. terus dalam kepala otak imagine nak buat memacam dengannya. pastu cakap kat MIL ada beli readymade puff pastry. siap promote bagai ngan makcik Husband aku. erk. gitulah tahap kesakaian aku. tapi, berbaloi. kan? hahaha. *yerla tu.. pffftt!

Ok sesi ilmu sikit, Pot Pie ialah istilah yang digunakan untuk jenis pai savory dengan dasar dan penutup pai menggunakan kerak (crust) yang flaky dan rangup dan di bakar menggunakan loyang pai khas untuk mengekalkan bentuknya. Pot Pie berbeza dengan Pai daging Australia (Australian Meat Pie) dan kebanyakan resepi dari pelbagai rantau Britain di mana kebanyakan nya menggunakan pastry penutup yang ber'emping' dan dasar pai menggunakan kerak/ pastri yang lebih berat, shortcrust yang stabil dan sewaktu dengannya. Maksudnya, Pot Pie ni adalah variasi antara banyak2 Pai la. Filling Pot Pie pulak ada macam-macam, bermula dari ayam, daging, turkey dan macam-macam lagi, ada gravy dan sayuran macam kacang peas, lobak merah, kentang dan sebagainya. - sumber: Wikipedia

Pot Pie aku x guna pastry base. cuma enclose saja guna puff pastry. so i used a tiny ramequin.

Moh kita begerak terus ke resepi. :D JOOOMMMM!

Ni la pastry yg aku guna. image source: Website Kawanfood


Bahan-bahan (aku tak measure bahan, ini aku agak-agak saja) :

8 biji ramekin saiz kecil
8 pcs readymade puff pastry | i guna jenama Kawan
300 gm isi ayam | Bahagian dada la paling best- potong dadu
1 cup stock ayam | aku guna serbuk stok ayam Tumix dilarutkan
1 cup susu full cream/ cooking cream
1/3 cup grated cheddar cheese
1/2 Yellow Onion | chopped
3 cloves of garlic | crush and chopped
2 tbsp butter
3 tbsp flour
a pinch of black pepper and white pepper
a sprinkle of dried oregano, basil and parsley. kalo ada yg fresh lagi yumss
half cup diced carrot
1/3 cup diced celery
1/3 cup green peas | i used can peas
1 Bay Leaf/ Daun Salam | used dried one
sebiji telur

Antara bahannya, dalam piring ikut putaran jam, Bawang Holland, butter. Cheddar Cheese, Carrot and Celery >_<

Cara- Cara:
1) Sediakan bahan-bahan. basuh ramekin, keluarkan puff pastry. dan pre-heat oven pada suhu 180c. ayam di perap dengan sedikit black pepper.
2) Masukkan butter ke dalam sauce pan, jgn hangus, tumiskan bawang putih n bawang holland yang telah di cincang halus dan sautee hingga transparent.
3) Masukkan tepung dan kacau jangan ada yang berketul. Masukkan stock ayam sikit-sikit dan susu full cream/cooking cream tadi. the gravy will thicken and creamy ;). bila dah sebati masukkan sayur-sayuran keras macam celery dan carrot tadi.biarkan mendidih. lihat konsistensi gravy... jika terlalu pekat. tambah sedikit air. medium heat
4) Masukkan isi ayam tadi dan slow cooked. jangan overcooked ayam anda. masukkan daun salam dan segala herbs. masukkan garam dan white pepper jika perlu.
5) Masukkan Cheddar Cheese dan biarkan larut sepenuhnya. Kemudian masukkan kacang peas. tutup api. ketepikan kuah.
6) Masukkan Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie Gravy tadi ke dalam setiap ramekin. ambil sekeping puff pastry tadi dan tutupkan ramekin anda. pecahkan telur dan pukul sedikit. sapukan bancuhan telur tadi ke atas puff pastry and make a slit (keratan?) di atas puff pastry untuk memudahkan pembebasan stim daripada gravy semasa di bakar . takla kulit pastry korang meletop nanti ehek.
7) susun semua Pot Pie ke dalam loyang dan bakar selama 30-40 minit hingga pastry masak dan keemasan.


Selamat mencuba!!!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Rainbow Cakes

Ola! remember my post about Ariana's birthday bash? hehe. well she kept asking about "cake" everyday. and next 3 days i made a cupcake version for her. After i bake half of the bater i only got 10 cuppies only >_<.

ok spiking de english pulak der... ok la. ramai yang bertanya tentang resepi kek yang comel dan sedap ni. dan aku buat version kurang manis. ada rasa mild lemon-lemon coating dan marshmellowy filling.

Masa birthday Ariana aritu ada yg dah tanya brapa RM kalo tempah. well, masa tu aku tak reti nak buh harga. aku just kata "ala, harga tu kendian leh runding". heheh. so, u can call me or sent me an email for the cake price ;)

Okay, resepi ni aku peroleh daripada blog Kak Azlita Masam Manis. Blog yang terkenal seantero tanah air kerana hidangan serta dekorasi kek dan fotografi makanannya yang serba kreatif. gila la sape tak teruja kan? 

Baik lah aku terangkan serba sedikit tentang komponen yang diperlukan dan digabungkan menjadi sebiji kek yang menarik dan sedap.

Komponen 1: Kek itu sendiri
- Kek ini ringan, fluffy dan aku kurangkan hampir separuh jumlah gula daripada resepi asal.

Komponen 2: Filling
- untuk layering, aku gunakan filling white chocolate mousse, so utk ini, cake perlu di buat sehari sebelum utk filling ini set dan texture dia akan jadi springy dan marshmellowy. aku suka filling ni sbb dia ringan.

White Choc Mousse

Komponen 3: Coating - Lemon Cream Cheese
- untuk resipi yang ni aku modified dari resepi yang biasa aku guna untuk red velvet. cuma aku tambah sedikit lemon oil untuk rasa lemon dan somehow mcm ada rasa mint sket. berangin2 ko...

ok kita beralih pada resepi skrg bole?

Rujukan : Masam Manis
Rujukan Asal : Zuraini Alias
Diubahsuai : Yours truly.. ehek

3 cups tepung gandum
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp garam (kalau dh guna salted butter, tak perlu)
1 cup butter | room temperature
2 cups gula castor | saya kurangkan kepada 1 1/4 cwn
5 biji putih telor | room temperature
2 tsp esen vanila
1 1/2 cups susu segar | Suam/ Room temperature
pewarna | terpulang pada pilihan. tetapi aku guna pewarna Americolor utk warna yg vibrant

Persediaan :
Sediakan beberapa loyang 8 inci. Sapu keliling loyang dan dasar dengan butter dan alas dasarnya dengan baking paper. sapu sedikit jugak butter pada paper tadi.
Panaskan oven pada suhu 170c dan letakkan rak di tengah2 oven.

1) Ayak tepung, baking powder (BP), garam . gaul dengan whisk untuk meratakan tepung,BP dan garam
2) Dalam bekas berlainan, pukul butter dan gula hingga gebu dan bertukar warna putih.
3) Masukkan telur putih dan pukul hingga ringan. Masukkan esen vanilla.
4) Perlahankan kelajuak mixer, masukkan tepung dan susu segar berselang seli. Mulakan dengan tepung dan akhiri dengan tepung juga. Boleh juga menggunakan kaedah kaup balik dan kaedah folding ini memerlukan kesabaran maha tinggi. hewhew.
5) Bahagi adunan sama banyak. 5-6 warna. kaup balik pewarna ke dalam setiap bahagian adunan. jika terer pakai senduk dan agak2. kalo takut adunan xsama tebal, bolehla berhutang budi dengan mesin penimbang. timbang tiap adunan supaya sama berat. ok?
6) Masukkan dalam loyang, ratakan dengan belakang sudu. bakar pada suhu 170c dalam masa 15-20 minit or the cake springy. 
7) Bila dah masak sejukkan di atas redai. dah sejuk baru terbalikkan. alaskan dengan baking paper kerana kek akan melekat2 jika di tindih. sbb kalo bertindih tak beralas .kek korang comot kang. pstu kata aku tak ajau...

 Nota: Ketepikan kek anda, saya akan cover menggunakan cling wrap sementara kerja melayer filling sbb takut kek jadi kering.

Sekarang beralih ke  Filling pulak.

Rujukan: Masam Manis

2 telur putih | perhatian, telur putih adalah untuk meringue, so pastikan bekas anda bersih tiada kesan air, minyak DAN telur kuning tidak termasuk sedikitpun. Meringue tidak akan bertanduk cantik
150 gm white chocolate | I used Colata White Compound
100 ml air suam
1 tbsp serbuk gelatin | Halagel is better and Halal
40g gula halus | i used only 1 tbsp
200g whipping cream | sejuk-sejuk

1) Masukkan serbuk gelatin ke dalam 100ml air dan biarkan 5 minit hingga larut. ketepikan. Double boil white chocolate compound dan setelah 70% cair, angkat dari boiler dan kacau hingga kesemua coklat larut. tujuan nya ialah untuk tidak merosakkan coklat tadi. masukkan campuran gelatin dan kacau hingga sebati.
2) Pukul putih telur dan masukkan gula sedikit-sedikit hingga meringue bertanduk dan firm. maksudnya, mangkuk di terbalik atas kepala, kepala korang bersih dan rambut bila di tiup angin masih terbang2 ayu. kalo meringue jatuh atas kepala korang, g mandi dulu pastu buat semula k?
3) Kemudian pukul whipping cream hingga creamy.
4) Satukan kesemua bahan dari 1, 2 dan 3 menggunakan kaedah kaup balik. caranya, kaup balikkan separuh meringue ke dalam cream yang telah dikaup balik dengan gelatine coklat putih. setelah sebati, masukkan lebihan meringue.
5) cover menggunakan cling wrap dan masukkan ke dalam peti ais seketika. setelah agak set, boleh la di sapukan sebagai lapisan kek.

Note: Topping ni ada penyakit alah kepada haba.. jadi best to work with it when it still cold. kang cair tak masak kek korang roboh. aku gakkk yg salah. kan?

Ok, filling sudah, Kek pun sudah. sekarang untuk resepi terakhir pulak ialah aising cream cheese perisa lemon. tak letak lemon essence/ oil pun takpe. letak esen Vanilla jer.. ikut citarasa korang.


250 gm Cream Cheese | sejuk-sejuk
1/2 cup whipping cream | i used Mauri or any WC u like.
3/4 cup icing sugar | or less
1 tsp Vanilla Essence 
a drop of Lemon Oil

1) Pukul Cream cheese dingin tadi bersama gula hingga tiada ketul dan agak lembut. jgn pukul terlalu lama nanti lembik sangat. susah nak deco kat kek.
2) masukkan whipping cream sejuk gak dan segala esen, pukul lagi hingga sebati. 
3) sedia di gunakan. kalau terlalu lembik, masukkan dlm fridge dlm 5-10minit.

1) sediakan cake board
2) letakkan kek pertama, ratakan choc mousse. lapis hingga habis.masuk dalam fridge hingga filling set. 
3) crumb coat cake anda, masukkan dalam peti ais sebentar dalam 5 minit.
4) Ratakan topping ikut kreativiti kalian ;)


Selamat mencuba ;)

p/s: gamba recycle dari Instagram. kbai!