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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


As im taking a shower and it suddenly came into my mind...

this year is a 5th year Anniversary. in August.
i could recall hi's n low's moment in my marriage. the good and the bad
i still try to learn my 'mr H' even it's already 5 years we've been married.
and in 5 years, we are having a beautiful daughter and now i'm expecting another :)

HAHA. KLMJ sekejap. :P


by the way I went to BBW which held in Malacca last week and could only grab few books for my little one and some cookery books for me. i planned for a second trip to the fair but couldnt make it as the BBW was held for only 5days in MITC Malacca. all the books are really cheap that i regret i didnt grab any. (T_T)

anyhoo, i am also busy with school matter as i was assigned to 'menceriakan' tandas sekolah as JPN will came and evaluate our toilets. :-S got the job in a very last minute just a few weeks before the deadline. (T_T) but Alhamdulillah everythng went well and thanks to our team :D

i have stopped baking for a while. well, at the moment i dont feel like baking anything. hence no update in here about recipes @_@. i couldnt see any pictures of cakes or im going to throw up

Now im in week 10. still having a morning sickness but it never stops me from eating. hence made me a size of an elephant seal (T_T). This time i am not fit and energetic as i was in first pregnancy. i am being lazy even to cook. i always having a cramp and back pain. i guess i am lacking of the calcium because i am still breastfeed my girl. i have a little craving and mostly on Japanese Cuisine.

keep on activate and deactivated my FB account. since the PRU fever, FB always gave a headache :P

so that's my simple updates for now. will be back soon >_< next week is School Holidays yeay~!!

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