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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

life as a teacher

here goes the silence again in here. ahaha. sorry guys. i barely have a time to update. too lazy to boot up my lappy. too lazy of everything. yeah, i'm a lazy-bump lately. i even stop taking any orders for cakes and desserts which i loved to do before. and make ka-ching ka-ching with it. eheh...

Well you know, now i work as a teacher. pretty tough tho. especially when u're asked to teach something out of your option. so-fahking-tough... but i wont let my students underrated me. ahahaha...

so here i go. last 5years i always dreaming and wishing i could use a #crewlife hashtag on my twitter and now the dream has blown off. wahahah!!! such a great dreamer i am. so being a teacher wasnt that bad actually. i had fun and try to be as good as i can.

i wont tell you what subject i was assign to teach. hihi. perhaps i'll tell u in the next-next-next post? can ah? :P

Yeah. i was excited when i received an SMS telling me that my first-freakin-salary has credited into my account. wuuhaaa~ well who dont? ekekek. so the first thing i do with my salary is top up credit henpon mak ayah. cool huh? :P

yeah, life's pretty good and goes well. Ariana being such a good girl. she even called me when im at school and singing ABC, and also happy birthday though it wasnt my bday yet. she also tell me she wants  'su lagi'. which means "mama, i dont want to wean-off yet. still nak susu" ahaha. cute~ well, no parent's said their child didnt :P

so. signing off guys. :D dah sampai waktu balek skolah ni. ahah. sempat! 


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Blissful life, no?

selagi hsbd selalu ajak aku lepak mamak tgh2 malam selagi tu la aku xdpt lose weight. selagi kita x oder jap lg dia asik tanya aku smp 10x "betul ke xnk ape2?"


dlu dia salu komplen bila lg aku nk kurus. skrg dia kata aku perli dia dh demok bila aku xnk mkn sbb nak diet. pulaks?

Dah tu kol 9 ajak aku kuar tup2 dh terpacak kt kdai asam pedas.. padahal petang tu dh makan jugak. mcm kelmarin dia dh ckp xyah masak, i dh kenyang. tp mlm tu lepak mamak jugak. Akakaka.

xpela. nti kita g gym salu2. akaka. alangkah sonok kalo rumah aku ada gym. sblom tido sejam kardio atas threadmil.


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lactation Cookies

Holla Amigos!

its been a while my very own blog have been neglected. yeah, i've been busy. I am sorry guys.

so the school holiday was over. and here i am again. Have such a great school Holiday with Family .we went to Legoland at JHB. 

the Review:
1) If you're planning to go to the Legoland, please bring along your umbrella. One for each person. Seriously i am sun-burned.... and my baby too. i bought a small umbrella for her and i am RM30 broke.
2) Tapau Food. You dont want to know how much i've spent for food and drinks during the trip in the Legoland. But at least u dont mind to spend RM20 only for two sausages, fries and softdrinks. or RM22 for a plate of nasi ayam.
3) do NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS. hahaha


We're staying at Le Grandeur Palm Resort. Because hubby had a Golf on that day so we pick the Play and Stay packages provided by the resort. It was such a nice hotel and of course my little girl loved it because of its swimming pool :P. mengada2 nak main air kat kolam orang dewasa. haishh

alright, enough rumbling about the trip...

so i baked the lactation cookies the night before i went to JB. My friend asked me to give it a try and it turns out lovely, and yummy too. ;)

This recipe was taken from My Friend's FB. sorry i couldnt recalled the name but i would like to thanked Kak Cham Ali to introduce me to the recipe and trust me to try bake it. FYI my first 3 tray were disaster. it sticks onto my greaseproof paper like hell. and everytime i try to remove it from the paper... it breaks. so i change it into a silicon paper. and, modified the recipe.

so i try to modify the recipe a bit and after that, every trays had been a success. there are few tips on baking these lovely cookies

1. Make the dough 1 day before u bake it. there's a reason why we have to 'perap' all the ingredients. sama mcm rendam bijirin. or u can soak your rolled oats overnight and drain it before use.
2. use a silicon paper to line your baking sheet.

so here's the recipe...




2 tbsp Flaxseed meal (soak in 2 tbsp water for 5minutes)
125 gm butter - pure butter works best | unsalted - but i used salted SCS butter
400 gm brown sugar | i only used 3.50gms because i added more choc chips
1 tsp soda bicarbonate*
2 tbsp of nutritional yeast
2 eggs
250 gms of rolled oats (i substitude with 200gms of multigrain which contains a Sunflower seeds, Millet, wheat grain, rolled oats, black sesame seeds) whew!
100gms choc chips (or more :P)
1/4 cup dried cranberries
200 gms wholewheat meal flour (i added 30-50gms more)*
1tbsp vanilla essence

*sift together
pre heat ur oven 160'c

1) cream butter and brown sugar. add eggs one each time. there goes with Vanilla and Flaxseed meal.
2) Fold in the flour+soda, multigrain/rolled oats, chocolate chips and chopped cranberries
3) you may fold the mixture 10x more than other cookies. set aside at room temp for 10minutes and then place it into ur fridge overnight.
4) Spoon the mixture onto your baking sheet and bake for 18-20 minutes , 160'c. :D

Nutritional Yeast. you can totally replace your cheese in ur pizza with this as a vegan food :P

a testimonials :D