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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

below an hour brownies

Hi there :D

Happy Ramadhan all, hows urs? me? hurm as usual and no ponteng so far :P
well hopefully there will be no Ponteng Puasa during ramadhan as i find it is too hard to ganti puasa back after that.


so i bake this delicious Walnut Brownies Friday before the weeks of Ramadhan came. the Afternoon section teacher had held a pot luck and Mr Azam had ordered Nasi Ayam Gemas Mustaffah for all of us. its delicious i tell u. and it is now available at Sg Putat, just the opposite of Tun Mutahir school :D

this is kind of super last minute thing. Friday means I should be at school at 2pm and i popped this into my oven 1.15pm and phew... it is a huge success :D. i took too much time thinking what should i bring for the potluck, and wallah... skejap jerk dh abes >_<

so here goes the recipe. in BM, as requested by my readers in FB

Walnut and Choc Chip Brownies

bhn A
350 dark choc compound | saya guna Beryls dark chocolate compound
100gm butter
(cairkan guna double boil)

*150gm tepung
*1tsp baking pwd
1/4 serbuk almond

3 eggs
50gm brown sugar
1tsp vanilla essence

100gm Walnuts (chopped)
choc chip (dust dgn tepung)


pukul C smp kembang,masukkan A gaul sebati.masukkan B.gaul lagi.masukkan separuh kacang D. dan separuh kacang D taburkan bersama choc chip. bakar 160° 30min.

See? Easy Peesy right?

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