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Monday, 19 November 2012


Last Saturday i met my girl friend. Nurol, Paus, and Iera. and err.. Paus's Cuzzy boboi..

had such a great day.

Iera as always, bullied Ariana till she cried her heart out. HAHAHA~!

Paus, loud and happening as always.

Nurol, we stayed not too far from each other but susah betoi lah nk jumpa. She cool as always. and yes, we both found a trouble when it comes to choosing makanan. kahkah

Boboi, such a good boy and she can fit himself with we all girls!

Well, we have a good time together, talk, eat and teasing each other. Ask question to each other bout life. Just us being us... like the old days. they are the friends that i am so comfortable to be with. Just like a family... oh suddenly rindu zaman sekolah menengah.

Saiz kami yang terkini.

I missed them already... The thing they said when they first meet me is "kenapa ko lemah lembut sangat? dulu kemain huha huha~!"

seriously friend... i forgot who am i in the past. am i that bad? (>_<). happening sangat ke aku dlu? haha

oh friend. truly my mirror.


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